Hao Guo is a visual storyteller committed to make a difference by changing some minds and hearts.
He studies documentary filmmaking and has a background in photography and fine art.

The Lottery (2:42) 

Bharat immigrated to the U.S. in 2008 as a recipient of the Diversity Immigrant Visa. After working countless minimum-wage jobs for 9 years, he took over a convenient store, with a new understanding of the American Dream.

A Years Long Emergency (8:25)

West Contra Costa County residents rely on emergency rooms as far as 20 miles away and now, that access may get even worse.

Berkeley startups take flight at SkyDeck (3:31)

UC Berkeley's SkyDeck Accelerator is pushing into the Wild West of startups. But the hard part is ensuring they survive past the startup phase. A lack of office space in Berkeley doesn't guarantee they will stay local if they do take off.

Berkeley at 2018 SF Pride (2:46)

San Francisco's Pride weekend, originally dubbed Christopher Street West, came to life in the 1970s. Berkeley has long represented, with floats, city officials and rank-and-file citizens. This year's contingent featured Berkeley's Chief of Police Andy Greenwood, marching officers and even a recruiting booth. Cal was out in force too.

Residing Here (3:50)

With their life-size portraits, artists Sheila Tobin and Samantha Cook are trying to change the face of the visual arena and bring local residents together.

Lorna (Photo slideshow with audio, 3:30)

A hairdresser in Minneapolis, Lorna is afflicted by dermatitis, diabetes, and alcoholism. She trusted me to document her life and present it to a larger audience. I thank her for being open and vulnerable. 



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